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Learning by doing

Digital culture and innovation is part of Hyggelink's DNA. That is why we design courses and workshops with high-level facilitators following a unique didactic model, oriented to practice, so that your collaborators can learn and implement it as soon as possible.  

Our key word is ACCOMPANIMENT, each Hyggelink ally facilitator shares the passion for teaching and sharing knowledge and experiences 

We present our online courses focused on soft skills, so you can train your collaborators in the main professional topics:

  • Sales

  • Negotiation

  • Business direction and management

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Projects management

  • Personal development

  • New technologies

  • Human Resources

100% digital courses

Editable resources and support material

Attendance certificate

Methodology learning - doing

live advice

Bonus Formations

This service is for you if you are looking to increase your competitiveness by developing the qualifications of your employees



Expand capabilities and promote the professional and personal development of employees and partners, giving away the book
"And that, how do you eat?"

Our methodology makes us different

We do not care about quantity but about quality. A training really adds value when it adjusts to the needs of the company, applying methodologies that help internalize the content and exercises that encourage implementation.
For this reason, all the sessions will be taught in a theoretical-practical way, each of our courses is designed so that the learning allies learn by doing, selecting in turn in special detail our training allies that adapt to our efficient teaching methodology. teaching.
Our process of planning and executing training is made up of four stages:

Previous meeting to understand the true needs of the company

We propose a learning route adapted to the interests and needs detected

To the action! 
We start online training on the agreed days and times

Learning partners will have live sessions and follow-up with the facilitator

What is the format of the courses?
We work with the participants 100% online, with asynchronous and synchronous activities, some courses are available to study at the pace of the participants with sessions scheduled at a specific time to talk with the facilitator and establish a dynamic of questions and answers. Other courses are synchronous from start to finish, agreeing weekly schedules that best suit the team of participants.
All courses include subsequent group sessions with the facilitator.  

Additionally, each participant will have educational material on a dynamic and intuitive platform: videos, articles, interactive presentations, podcasts, chats and all the necessary support material.

These are some of our digital courses
For businesses

Our allied facilitators

Gustavo Yepes

Coach, writer, Time Management specialist

Monica Semper

Communication Mentor & Media Brand Manager

vanessa sanchez

HR Consultant Psychology and Personal Development


Louis Fields

High-performance business coach, creator of The INSIDE Model 

Competency Test

Learn about the key skills and competencies that your work teams need to reinforce. We will recommend a learning path based on the results of the Test

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Are you interested?

If you are interested in an individual workshop or personalized learning program, leave us your information and we will contact you right away

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