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We are Zoho Partner

At Hyggelink as technology lovers and specialists in digital transformation, we are proud to support our services with the outstanding company Zoho Corporation.

With the Zoho Solutions service , we customize , integrate and implement software in the cloud for your business, once it's up and running, we train your collaborators and offer first-rate support.

Zoho Corporation?

It is one of the most prominent companies creating business software in the cloud, with +7 thousand employees and +60 million users in 180 countries.

Under the name of Zoho is a set of powerful applications and solutions for the operation of all areas of business.



years in the market improving business management around the world


applications to empower from entrepreneurs to large organizations


millions of users globally using Zoho applications for daily work

We accompany you to create an intelligent organization with Zoho,
an operating system for your company

Advantages of working with an official Zoho partner

  • Recommendations about the functionalities of the different Zoho applications that can be implemented and improve your business

  • Technical support in Spanish and English

  • Always have an ally and access to training

  • Consulting to model your business processes and support during implementation

Zoho Solutions

In addition to Zoho CRM, technology in which we support our Business Excellence Consulting,  We offer a range of INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS aimed at optimizing business processes with an interconnected data system adapted to your needs.

Below, we list various technological solutions to streamline your business processes, marketing, support your customers and to increase productivity in general.

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In what area do you want to improve your business?

We present you with email marketing tools such as Zoho Campaigns, customer service ticket management with Zoho Desk and other technological solutions within the more than 20 applications that will support the management of your entire business.

We are ready to advise you.


For the Marketing area

Unify all your marketing activities on one platform. Engage your audience across multiple channels, increase the ROI of your marketing investment, and optimize your team's productivity.



Incredible platform to design and massively send multiple marketing campaigns.  

It is very easy to monitor campaigns from planning to execution. You'll be able to create activities, automate flows based on your audience's actions, assign task managers, track progress, analyze performance metrics, and collaborate with your team in real time.



Perfect platform to manage all the social channels of your company in one place.  

You will be able to schedule publications, moderate comments, integrate the Potential Customer forms of your main social networks and receive interaction and reach statistics in the same space and in an intuitive way.


Page Sense

Your website is not just to inform, it is to convert!

Page Sense is the platform that will allow you to transform your website into a powerful tool to generate conversions.  

You will be able to analyze metrics about user interaction, understand their behavior through heat maps and recordings of your users' browsing.

This will allow you to personalize the user experience and make decisions to capture their attention at the point you want and drive conversions.

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SALES IQ ejemplo website-visitor-trackin
soporte Sales IQ


Easily capture leads!

SalesIQ is the platform that will allow you to understand how visitors interact with your website in real time.

Using geolocation and machine translation, you'll be able to track, engage and support your web visitors through chat, automate top-tier interaction, identify new visitors from returning ones and monitor traffic to close deals faster offering exceptional service to your customers.



Platform to create and configure beautiful online forms without having to code. Create forms in just a few steps, customize input fields, automate registration notification sending, and manage data efficiently.


You can publish the forms on your website, landing page or share it on social networks; You will receive instant alerts, managing to capture leads and manage them efficiently. 



Platform for surveys, qualification and analysis. Create, configure and share satisfaction surveys, analysis questionnaires and product or service ratings.

Integrate them into your website or share them on social networks, set the number of questions you require, customize their look and create reports according to your needs.  

You'll be able to make informed business decisions by creating customer surveys and analyzing the responses.



Platform for the creation of e-commerce websites equipped with more than 150 designs that offer an attractive perspective for the entire page.  


You'll get a mobile-optimized site, with pre-built, SEO-friendly templates. Drag-and-drop build tool makes it easy to customize,  achieving professional and complete sites without having to program.

sites commerce-feat-02.png

For the support area

Receive advice and technical support according to your requirements. Effective and personalized customer service.  Implement your support operations across multiple channels within a single platform.



A complete Help Desk platform, easy to use and intuitive.  

You will be able to manage customer conversations through various channels, such as email, chat, phone, social networks, in addition to your website.

Manage complex processes by automating workflows, connect Desk with other team management platforms, integrate a knowledge database and artificial intelligence on your company website to help customers find answers.

Minimize response times and allow your support team to easily manage each ticket and control the attention and resolution process with real-time reports. 

desk 2.png

For your productivity and analytics

Applications designed to optimize communication within the company and with your customers. Make calls, check emails, hold meetings, upload documents and more, while saving time in the process.



Platform for project management.


Efficiently plan, track and collaborate with work teams. Project is an excellent work tool for tracking tasks , assigning people in charge and controlling designated times.

You will be able to maintain communication with your team and exchange documents centrally, they will have different views of the project, including schedule, calendar, Gantt and scrum mode.



Sign, no paper! A simple digital signature application and  complete for commercial firms.  

An intuitive user interface with full features to securely sign, send and manage your documents from anywhere.  

Send the signed copies to third parties by email, receive documents signed on the spot or send them to request signatures. Sign has military-grade encryption to ensure the highest level of data security. It complies with the most recent electronic signature laws: ESIGN and eIDAS.


Sales Inbox

Especially for sellers, the most recent email is not always the most important.

Sales Inbox seeks to keep you informed of the deals that are most likely to turn into a profit.

You will be able to automatically prioritize and organize your emails according to the agreements that you consider most important. 




Business intelligence and data analysis software that will allow you to visually analyze company data and uncover insights in minutes.

You will be able to transform huge amounts of raw data into reports and incredible dashboards.

Connect Analytics to a wide variety of sources, track your key business metrics, review past trends, identify outliers, and reveal hidden insights to make timely decisions.

Sales Inbox

What will you achieve with Zoho solutions?

  1. Automate everything from sales and marketing to finance, human resources, and operations.

  2. Select the right integrations and use them in the most efficient way

  3. Analyze, consolidate and present your data effectively

  4. Create remote work environments that thrive

Companies worldwide that trust Zoho


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Your company + Hyggelink + Zoho
The perfect formula for you to save time and money 

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