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Course Design

Monetize your knowledge

Monetize your knowledge

We help you to take safe steps into the digital world. With a team that understands your needs, we will support you on the creation or redesign of your training program and provide you with a web platform for publications, ticket sales and communication with the participants.


Your only job is to publicize your event and prepare yourself to facilitate the content of your workshop, course or digital conference ... we will take care of the rest.

If you are looking to create an online course with the assistance of an expert mentor, this service is for you.

How was this service conceived?

Throughout our profession, we have met incredible people with experience and knowledge worth spreading. We also know the barriers that arise when wanting to undertake a training or digital conference: creating the strategy, having a web portal, managing records, automating e-mails, having payment gateways, and even having the platform for the video-conference ready for the day of the event.

For this reason, we have formed a multidisciplinary team to help professionals design and carry out an efficient learning program adapted to current trends.

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This service is for you if you are...


Facilitator - lecturer in the business or personal development field and you want to share your knowledge, teaching what you are passionate about


Professional who teaches courses and face-to-face workshops and wants to enter into the digital world without technological complications


Entrepreneur or company leader and you want to attract potential customers through online conferences to show your products and services

The world we live in changes rapidly.

Professional events and training programs in digital format continue to transform the ways of teaching and learning.

Action Plan

1. Validation

The consultancy begins by analyzing your professional training business idea. Knowing your audience, your value proposition, competition and validating your course in the market are key premises for success. After all, it wouldn't make sense to spend months building a course that nobody needs or buys.

In this phase we will create together your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to check the chances of success before investing resources.  

There are different techniques to validate your course, from surveys, creating a lead magnet with the theme of the course to test the market, to organic or paid advertising that, depending on the interaction, will tell us if it is worth continuing or adjusting the course.  

The results of this phase translate into saving time and money, from here we will have an action plan that will help your business move forward.

El Muro de las Ideas

3. Training Program Design

Time to focus on the structure of your training program, how you will achieve the transformational factor in your audience, what lessons you want to give, in what order, what practices you want to carry out, will it be a DIY course (do it yourself), will you support or mentorships, what is the format you will choose.

Synchronous and asynchronous courses have their pros and cons, so we bet on a combination that allows your audience to buy the course on demand, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, while also having the opportunity to interact with you in scheduled sessions.

In this phase we help you implement our methodology for creating scalable online courses that will allow you to get your first sales while you sleep. We also offer you our course hosting platform or we can recommend other training platforms that fit your course and your expectations.

Online Meeting

2. Launching

Exposing your topic to an audience is an excellent way to validate your Minimum Viable Product, it will allow you to face possible fears of exposing yourself in front of a camera, fear of technology and it will allow you to put into practice your way of expressing yourself, your verbal, non-verbal language. and the image you project.  

For this reason, we have at your disposal a control group made up of professionals from different areas and with sincere and positive criteria who will offer you details about opportunities for improvement captured during your presentation.


You will also have a team to carry out the experience, from a moderator who will open the event by answering questions from the audience, to a technician who will provide support to the videoconference platform.

The important thing about this phase is that you live the experience, receive reliable feedback and get testimonials plus photos that you can use in your digital marketing strategies and that will allow you to improve the content before launching the final version.


4. Conversion Funnel Tools

We help you develop the digital tools you will need to implement the phases of your sales funnel: Attraction, Interest, Conversion and Loyalty, to capture the interest of your prospects, make them consider you as the best option, get them to buy from you, satisfy their needs to retain them and get them to a level where they feel so happy with your brand that they willingly promote it for you.

We know that there are many digital tools, however the secret is to recognize and have the most appropriate tools in each of the phases of the funnel, applying them assertively to take your customers by the hand on the path that will allow them their maximum satisfaction and the best growth of your income.


Some of the digital tools that we propose to position your brand and establish a professional sales funnel are: logo for your personal brand, website design, blog, landing page, template designs for posts on social networks, course brochure for companies , among others.

5. Skills development

The methodology, instructional design, technology and marketing strategies are important. However, the real protagonist is the trainer. For this reason, we offer training for each trainer, aimed at developing the skills and abilities in verbal and non-verbal communication so that they can generate unique and impactful educational experiences for their learning partners, through accelerated learning practices that will allow them to stand out among the sea. of existing training programs on the market.

Curso de Educación de Adultos

What will you get?

  • You will have a consultant accompanying you step by step to build or redesign your digital course

  • You will incorporate dynamics and agile learning methods into your training program

  • You will validate your course by making a live presentation before a  group of participants who will give you feedback and testimonials that you can use as promotional material

  • You will feel like a Rockstar surrounded by a multidisciplinary team on the day of your launch

  • You will have a payment platform that you can insert into your website or landing page. Don't you have a website? Don't worry, we can help you.

  • You will be able to forget the fear of technology, you will receive support throughout the process of designing and launching your training program, we will also teach you how to defend yourself so that you can continue independently.

Save time and money building and launching your digital course with the support of experts who will guide you step by step

Speakers who trust us

carlos circulo.png

Carlos Rosales

Director at Neurosales

International speaker, Top Voice of LinkedIn, founder of Neurosales, sales trainer and author of the best seller “People buy people”


Anna Vacarela

Communicator and Speaker

Journalist, broadcaster, reference in the
informative world. Recognized for the successful “Reborn” Motivational Conference


Gustavo Yepes

Facilitator, coach and writer

For 35 years, he has taught more than 1,000 courses and conferences, helping people and institutions to manage their time and increase their productivity.


Arnaldo Gonzalez

Leadership Coach and Consultant

Management and Leadership Consultant, helps managers achieve their business and personal goals, trainer in leadership and personal development


silena severini

B2B Sales and Marketing Expert

Director of LeMarket, helps B2B companies to develop results-based digital marketing strategies and improve their productivity


Louis Fields

Project leadership coach

Creator of The INSIDE Project Leadership Model, he supports people and teams to increase their performance and productivity, to turn ideas into reality.


Julio Gutierrez

Sales Mentor / KAM

Certified Persolog™, Metalog™ and Neuland™ Facilitator from Germany in active learning and Founder and CEO of JG Consulting SA


Maria Pacheco

Facilitator and Ontological Coach

Certified in accelerated learning models and NLP. Help entrepreneurs and business owners to manage professional growth, personal branding and sales strategies


freddy guevara

Commercial Distribution Consultant

VP International Sales Association. 40 years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Professor and International Speaker.

itza foto.jpeg

Itza Gonzalez

Transpersonal Mentor

Supports the rediscovery and improvement in professional activity, emphasizing closures and the beginning of life cycles of people and companies


How does the service work?

It all starts by analyzing your current situation

Let's talk! Whether you have a face-to-face course and want to take it digitally, or you have a clear idea of the course you want to design, our service will be useful to validate the idea in the market and achieve your goals. 

You decide where to start

We have an established mentoring route, however, depending on the stage you are in, we can design an "à la carte" service

Weekly online sessions 1-1

The phase where we will have the most interaction will be in the Design of the Training Program, depending on the progress of your course, we will meet for 3 or 9 sessions, you will have access to training materials and invitations to launches from other participants. You will feel accompanied at all times.

Conversion Funnel Tools

In this phase of the service you will have at your disposal specialists in the area of design, copywriter, digital marketing and technicians who will help you develop all the digital tools you request to make your course visible and allow customers to reach your funnel and buy while Do you sleep. The digital tools to be developed range from your logo, to your own website, content and design of support material in PowerPoint format, templates for publications on social networks, among others.

Book an appointment and let's talk

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