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Y eso, ¿cómo se come?

Training programs for companies

This service is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of companies by developing, through tailor-made training courses, the qualifications of their employees in the 12 most demanded soft skills

About the service

We create face-to-face and online training programs on the most important skills in the market that help participants become more competent to achieve personal and professional success.

Our differential is the focus on the "hows", achieved through exercises, examples and dynamics that invite action with knowledge.

For this reason, the project, under the culinary metaphor "And that, how do you eat it", seeks to explain a "menu" that shows how to land ideas and carry out a strategy, concept, task, undertaking or initiative, helping professionals and companies to learn the recipes to develop key skills required by the current and future labor market.


We design training programs by levels based on  the 12 key competencies of the next decade

"A chef by competition"
Each competition is led by an expert with extensive knowledge and years of experience

How do you eat this service?

This initiative was specially designed to help solve organizational problems, focusing on the development of employees' soft skills. That is why we propose to start enjoying this menu with an appetizer until you reach dessert.

Pan con tomate y jamón


A work session to understand the current situation of your collaborators, what are the real needs and expectations of transformation, this will allow us to design a personalized and useful learning path

Filete de salmón


Let's go to action!
we will enjoy dynamic, proactive learning experiences,  oriented to reflection and implementation in a simple way
and effective

Tarta de limón


In the sharing of each training program, we detect improvement opportunities for the performance of your company, so we design a detailed report with the problems and proposed solutions at the end of the training

Reunión de Equipo


All our expert allies, leaders of each competition, are business consultants with extensive experience, so our methodology begins by listening to our clients and understanding the current situation of the organization.  

The education and training solutions will be built together with each client, building piece by piece like a lego, until achieving a tangible transformation in the company's collaborators.

In the dynamics of the training programs we achieve that the learning allies learn - by doing, achieving not only the development of the competence in question but also valuing the human factor as a protagonist in each organizational process.

Alumnos universitarios en sala de clases

Models to Anchor Learning

We apply different diagnostic instruments, technological tools, exercises and methods to establish knowledge and invite action. All the tools have been validated in transnational companies.

modelos de aprendizaje.png

David Kolb's Learning Model

We know that learning is the result of how people perceive and then process what they have perceived, so we evaluate the predominant learning style of the group to adapt the training methodology and achieve better results.


how do you eat it?

The content of the skills to be developed is oriented to the "hows", we apply tools, exercises and group dynamics that help the participants to relate what they have learned with their real needs and quickly put into practice each concept that is part of the learning program.

logo musical thinkers.jpg


Music excites, facilitates memory and connects, regardless of age, level of study or position in the company. We incorporate singers and musical instruments to create an authentic space and multiply the levels of unity, adaptation and well-being in the teams

Cover final libro.jpg

Book: Y eso, ¿cómo se come?

Give your collaborators a book to take action.
You will find in more than 400 pages, methods, exercises and practical suggestions from 12 «chefs» who, from different parts of the world, come together to explain how to eat the 12 professional skills of today and of the future.

Do you want an order greater than 20 books?

Write us and we will send you a quote:

Evaluation and monitoring?

The main flaw when apprenticeship programs are implemented is the lack of follow-up once the training is finished. At this point, Hyggelink, hand in hand with the Human Talent area and the leaders of the areas to which the learning allies belong, work together to establish a follow-up plan. 

We implement 3 evaluation phases: before, during and after the training program:


  1. Previously, we apply diagnostic instruments, which, depending on the course, help the participants to know the current situation of the competence that is intended to be developed.  This, in addition to generating the interest of the participants by activating the desire to improve, helps the facilitators to adapt the content for better results.

  2. During the training we apply group dynamics (role play, among others) and evaluation instruments to know the success in fixing knowledge.

  3. Post training , we assign tasks to be implemented during the following weeks to assess whether the participants are putting what they have learned into practice.  In turn, we reapply the diagnostic tool to see the improvements.

En los medios


TVR (Televisión Rioja) entrevista a Vanesa G. Urbina, coautor del libro "Y eso, ¿cómo se come?"


El periódico online de referencia en el mundo de los Recursos Humanos habla de "Y eso, ¿cómo se come?

logo las provincias_edited.png

Periódico digital con las noticias de la ciudad de Valencia, España, de la voz de Mónica Sempere coautor del libro "Y eso, ¿cómo se come?"


Viveros de Empresas Vicálvaro es una iniciativa del Ayuntamiento de Madrid en donde fue creada la canción de "Y eso, ¿cómo se come?"

Keep your best talent by making it grow
with unique learning experiences for companies, 
response-oriented HOW to take action

What do they say about our programs?

I loved the logistics of the program, everything is perfectly organized and measured. It was more helpful that they adapted the content to our real needs. exceeded my expectations

High-level trainers, the human team is what I liked the most. Excellent teaching material, excellent real case studies, involvement, dynamism and very high know-how

What I liked the most are the facilitators, the ability to communicate, knowledge, enthusiasm and energy. They generate illusion in the students and so that we open our minds

Yes, they teach you recipes to eat! The learning methodology is exemplary, I liked being able to put the knowledge into practice at the end of the case studies

What I liked the most was the methodology they apply, the very didactic dynamics with the use of tools  appropriate, group activities highly  of the concepts discussed

It is one of the best training programs that I and my work team have attended. They are not courses to sit down and listen to the expert, but a training to activate the mind and "go to court", directly to be wrong! what better way to learn

The practical part is always what I like the most because you can put the concepts provided into practice, even if the exercise goes wrong, it is an opportunity to correct and improve for the next time

What I liked the most is the customization of the program for us, the ability to connect the skills and show us with a 100% practical methodology the best way to "eat" each teaching. It really answers the question "And that, how do you eat?

Are you interested for you or your company?

If you are interested in an individual workshop or personalized learning program, leave us your information and we will contact you right away. Enjoy your meal!

Contacto como se come
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