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Business leaders are clear about the problems that limit the agility of their operations and the achievement of objectives. Many of these problems are minimized or eliminated through the implementation of technology that supports the organization's key processes.

This service is intended to listen to what are the problems that your organization has in order to evaluate the technology or software in the cloud that best suits the organization.

We are not software sellers

we are business developers

About zoho software deployment

Lack of control in the processes, loss of time in manual work, difficulty in monitoring management indicators, communication problems, complaints and customer claims, are some of the problems that your business may present.

Technology as an enabling entity of key processes plays a fundamental role in this digital age, where its correct implementation facilitates the management of core processes, eliminates time wastage, minimizes the risks of human errors and improves the relationship with customers, which which is summed up in an increase in company productivity, happy employees, informed leaders and satisfied customers.

Service Phases

Technology in an organization is only useful if it is implemented in balance with the fundamental elements:

- Optimized processes with best practices

- People involved and trained

In this sense, we propose the following phases to achieve a successful software implementation project in your business:

In each phase you will have our support and post-implementation monitoring that guarantee that the sortware is supporting and facilitating the company's operations. In addition, we will evaluate the possibility of integrating the new solution with third-party tools that continue to enhance your business .

Areas of your company that you can improve with technology

El análisis de los datos


Manage and control the relationship of your potential customers with the best rated CRM on the market and its powerful integrations



Deliver an exceptional experience to each customer at all stages of their life cycle through chat, mailing, forms and more



Learn about a complete help desk app, centralize your customers' requests, assign tickets to agents and learn about the quality of care and service

Organizando información


Control the progress of each project and the activities of your work teams, centralize documents and communication in one place

Dar la mano


Incorporate artificial intelligence into your business, transform large amounts of data into useful reports and dashboards. Track your key business metrics



From managing and measuring your social networks to designing your website, app and tracking visitors 

Does your team need to develop key skills for better performance?

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Zoho Partner

At Hyggelink we partner with Zoho Corporation, one of the leading cloud business software creators, to enhance the strategic growth of all business areas

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