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We are a digital transformation company that, through experience, methodologies and technology, helps business leaders offer incredible learning experiences, train company employees in key skills and provide better business performance, creating higher returns and achieving efficiency in their operations. operations.


Create happy companies through the optimization of their processes, implementation of cloud technology and the development of their people's talents, which facilitates daily work with teams that collaborate with a common goal and increase the productivity of the organization


To be market leaders in Latin America and Spain as the digital and human business transformation company with high-level teams and innovative methodologies

that improve the performance of organizations and increase the quality of life of people, impacting their environment and the economy.


  1. Commitment

  2. Teamwork

  3. Authenticity

  4. customer first


Meaning of Hygge link

Our brand name is a compound of two terms:


Hygge is a term of Danish origin, which is built from the Nordic word hu gr which can mean embrace through the soul, mind and consciousness.

It does not have a literal translation in other languages. It is used to recognize a feeling or a moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or away, as cozy, charming or special. Most relate it to happiness in simple things.

In Northern Europe it is a way to maximize the feeling of peace, well-being and comfort, create a warm atmosphere and enjoy the good things in life.  

We have combined this magical term with the word Link since our business is 100% digital.  and its main objective is to connect with the needs of our clients, to build a communication bridge not only as professionals, but as PEOPLE.

Being Hyggelink, more than a term, is an attitude, a philosophy of life, a state of mind.


The Hygge philosophy represents us as a team and reminds us to enjoy what we do, take care of the details and offer each client a Hygge moment.

Advice at the forefront of digital transformation

Our team includes business managers, entrepreneurs, facilitators, engineers, designers, data scientists, and consultants of all levels who join Hyggelink for the opportunity to build partnerships, add value, and apply their skills and talents to complex and important challenges. .


As senior consulting professionals, we add more than 140 years of experience from different parts of the world with a common goal of helping our clients increase the potential of their business.

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